News 2015

Building Refurbishment

At the end of March 2015, the company building
received a new fresh coat of paint.  
The adjacent warehouse was completely refurbished.
Due to investments of approximately 150,000 Euro,
the hall received a new roof and a new outside
façade with a strip light for optimal usage of the daylight.


With the installation of a solar energy system on the
own warehouse roof, Lausitz Elaste actively reduces
environmental impacts and environmental risks.
The investment of 600,000 Euro in a 460 kWP-
photovoltaic system (2064 solar panels) contributes
to sustainable energy efficiency.

Successful Prolongation of the ISO 9001 Certificate

On 17.04.2014, Lausitz Elaste was again able to prove that
the internal operational workflows correspond with the ISO 9001 norm.

A quality management system contributes to:
  • increase the transparency of operational procedures
  • achieve a higher customer satisfaction
  • reduce the error rate and the costs involved.
New Corporate Film

In September 2015, a new corporate film about Lausitz Elaste GmbH was created to audio-visual represent our philosophy, know-how and variety of products.

Visitors of this website are cordially invited to watch the online film and afterwards to navigate through further information of this website.

Investment in Machinery and Equipment

In 2015, Lausitz Elaste GmbH invested about 331,200 Euro in new machinery and equipment in order to lay the foundation for successful operation on the market in the future.

MAPLAN Rubber Injection Moulding Machine MTF400/50C

Technical data:

  • Principle: C-frame press construction
    Closing movement via lower plate
    Fully hydraulic clamping system
    Central injection from the top
  • Clamping force: 494 kN
  • useable closing stroke: 395 mm
  • Control system: PC50touch
Maplan 3 

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: Dipping- and Drying Plant

Our new dipping- and drying plant for coating our
castings with Primer Chemosil 211 and binding
agent Chemosil NL411was specially designed and         
developed according to our specifications.

Besides the dipping process, the focus was also on
handling and drying of the parts.


Digital KEYENCE Measuring Projector IM-6225

Productivity Increase and
Extra Reliability:

  • shorter testing periods lead to an increase of production figures
  • higher reliability strengthens customer confidence
  • process optimization due to reduction of testing periods and release of employees
  • defect products  are automatically sorted out in due time