News 2013

Building Extension

On 17.12.2013, the extension of the already established
production hall in 2007 was officially inaugurated in Rothenburg.
Due to investments of approximately 170,000 Euro in the
extension of the production area by 200 m², additional
capacities have been created in order to meet the customer
needs for a high level of flexibility in future.

Investment in Machinery and Equipment

In 2013, Lausitz Elaste GmbH invested about 360,000 Euro in new machinery and equipment in order to lay the foundation
for successful operation on the market in the future.
3D-Test System for the Automotive Sector

Technische Daten:
  • Inspection of rubber bellows with automated feeding, classification and sorting of the parts
  • Collection of statistic data for process optimization
  • Cycle time: approx. 4 sec. per part
  • Measurement of 3D-Geometry
rubicon Pin Extruder EEK 90.14 M – 60/50

Technical data:
  • Screw diameter: 90 mm
  • Screw length: 14 D, effektive
  • Screw speed: 3 … 50 min ¯¹
  • Max. output capacity: 600 kg/h
  • Drive: three-phase asynchronous motor
  • Max. drive power: 60 kW
  • Pin arrangement: 8 levels
  • Control system: PLC based on Siemens
FISA Ultrassonic Inspection Station Type 3VST 350/D

The FISA-Ultrasonic cleaning method is the perfect
answer to today’s requirements on mould maintenance. 
In a tub, which is equipped with the unique MAGNASONIC-
Ultrasonic transmitter and filled with a selected cleaning
fluid, proper cleaning of the moulds is realized within a
short time.

Advantages of this cleaning method:
  • high economic efficiency of the facility
  • no complete disassembly of the moulds
  • no mechanical deterioration of the moulds
  • no abrasion as per sand- / shot blasting
  • no extra degreasing due to wet blasting
    consistent cleaning results
MonTech Rheometer MDR 3000 Basic

The Rheometer is a measuring instrument for the determination
of deformation and flow rating of the material.

Technical data:
  • International standards: ISO 6502, ASTM D 5289, DIN 53529
  • Test chamber: biconical, closed system
  • Test chamber gap: 0,45 mm nominal
  • Sample volume: approx. 4,5 cm³
  • Drive system: mechanical, brushless DC-eccentric
    drive system
  • Dimensions: 930 mm x 580 mm x 500 mm
  • Measurement data: torque, pressure, time,
    shear rate, rate of hardness
Successful Prolongation of the ISO 9001 Certificate

On 11.06.2014, Lausitz Elaste was again able to prove that the internal operational workflows correspond with the ISO 9001 norm.

A quality management system contributes to:
  • increase the transparency of operational procedures
  • achieve a higher customer satisfaction
  • reduce the error rate and the costs involved.