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Your competent partner in all areas of rubber technology
– Profit from our experience –

Lausitz Elaste GmbH is a company with more than 80 years of development and production experience. We manufacture according to your drawings and provide you with expert advice right from the design phase. Lausitz Elaste is your competent partner in all areas of rubber technology, from individual special solutions to industrial series production.
On a production area of approx. 3500 m² we develop and manufacture high-quality elastomer products for all conceivable areas of application. Our product range includes profiles, mouldings, rubber-to-metal compounds, rubber-to-plastic compounds and frames with injected or preformed corners. Our company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN 14 001.

Sealing, dampening, separating, connecting … and much more!

Customer-oriented and flexible – that’s what Lausitz Elaste stands for. For us, this includes consulting, constructive support, independent global procurement of the required components as well as short communication and decision-making paths.

Years of development and production experience

Production area

Active customers

Our services include pressing, free-hand manufacture, injection moulding or extrusion of elastomer products which, depending on the requirements, are resistant to heat, cold, oils, fats, aggressive chemicals, and environmental influences.

Lausitz Elaste provides you with products made of exactly the rubber quality that is required and optimally suited for your specific area of application, such as fire protection according to EN45545 HL3 R23, gas approval according to EN682, drinking water quality according to UBA and W270 or FDA conformity.

We process almost all rubber compounds such as EPDM, NBR, SBR, CR, NR, HNBR, butyl, Viton®, silicone and ECO – also in different colours.

History of Lausitz Elaste

From its foundation to the present day – the rich history of our company.
Our success on the national and international market is due to the constant improvement of our manufacturing processes and products as well as our experienced team of employees from production, development, quality assurance, scheduling, sales and administration.

The production includes a large number of systems and machines that ensure professional production of small batch sizes up to industrial series production.

Rubber profiles up to a width of 600 mm
Moulded rubber articles and rubber-metal compounds from tools with a maximum clamping area of 2,000 x 1,500 mm

„Nothing is as constant as change – we constantly adapt to the changing needs of our customers. We are constantly investing in new machines, buildings and our employees.“

Lars Beinlich

CEO, Lausitz Elaste GmbH